ADS- Aim Down Sights

AMR- Anti-Materiel Rifle

AR- Assault Rifle

BAR- Bolt-Action Rifle

BFP- Burstfire Pistol

BFR- Burstfire Rifle

BLP- Breech Loaded Pistol

BPFA- Bullpup Full Auto


CR- Combat Rifle

CQC/CQB- Close-Quarters Combat/Battle

GHS- Gunman Hardsuit (Light-Class HS)

HAR- Heavy Assault Rifle

HP- Heavy Pistol

HS- Hardsuit

LMG- Light Machine Gun

LMG-R- LMG-Recon

LP- Light Pistol

MP- Machine Pistol

RHS- Rhino Hardsuit (Assault-Class HS)

S-ARK- Shotgun AR-K

Shuries- Stun Shurikens

SMG- Submachine Gun

TSMG- Tactical SMG

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